Research on the Intelligent Virtual Platform for the Practice Teaching of Archive Management Major
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Research on the Intelligent Virtual Platform for the Practice Teaching of Archive Management Major

Qingling Yue1 + Zhaogui Qin2

1, 2 Archives Department, Hubei University

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Abstract. Archives science is a social and practical subject. It not only requires the students grasp the theory, but also cultivates students’ professional skill and sprit of innovation. The thought of Intelligent Virtual Platform for the Practice Teaching of Archive Management Major is to establish an archives teaching trail environment through virtual technique, by organizing all kinds of resources, establishing practice rules, self-designing the tools needed and emulating archive management procedures so as to inspire way of thinking and cultivate the students’ ability of practicing and innovating, and connect the teaching procedure and practicing procedure of archive management major and let the students experience the work differences in multi-industries. So, this paper discussed a new educational mode of archive practice teaching intelligence virtual platform, and put forward the whole research considerations on platform construction.

Keywords: archive, practice teaching, educational mode, construction, mechanisms

1. Introduction

In traditional way, the archive management practice teaching is often completed at imitate archives rooms. Such kind of imitate archive room is build according to the characteristics of real archive room, and can help student in the aspects of receiving, arranging, identifying, editing and using archives so as to strengthen their fundamental skills. However, as the development of time and technique, the society puts more requirements to the students’ ability and quality, with a direction toward diversity, technical and integration, on the other hand, the archive major students’ career scopes are not limited in secretary or archives departments. They begin to send their resumes to enterprise or government information service center, library or social information agencies. In order to meet with the requirement of change, many high schools have increased the percentage of the practice teaching in the courses. But currently, the practice teaching is limited in the imitate archives room, also, the limited finance and equipments can only cultivate students in limited aspects of skills. This is not enough to satisfy the work requirement in different industries differences-recognition, and cannot set up relative practice sectors according to teaching contents. So, the teaching and practicing activities are seriously limited.

To amend the condition of disjoint between teaching and practicing, we bring a thought of designing an intelligent virtual platform. This platform use data base technology to store resources and documents in different types, ,different carriers and from different industries, use rules base to set up the required work range, use 3-Dimension technology to establish virtual working environment and realize the design through intelligent control. The combination of these three aspects is a complete imitate platform. It can imitate all kinds of real practicing environment, working procedures in addition to the archives room, and can design all kinds of tools need and function designation so as to help students experience all kinds of working environments, join the working procedure, to enhance the textbook knowledge and gain practice experience.

2. Theory Foundation

Based on the modern information technology, the archive major’s practice teaching takes the pedagogy, psychology, and Cognitive theory as guidance to practice teaching design, and takes the “dual value” of archive as core to cultivate the students’ ability and tries to establish a archive-oriented teaching structure .

2.1. Constructivism learning theory

The constructivism learning theory starts based on the way of knowledge-forming in individual’s study process, search the way and method of changing the students from passive knowledge-receiver to voluntary constructor of knowledge, take studying as the center, and emphasize on students’ positivity. The theory’s application on the teaching design requires students positively collect and analyze relative information and materials, make all kinds of conjectures for the questions in study and try to identify the conjectures through tests. The theory application also requires students try to connect the newly studied things to the already-known knowledge and think carefully about the relationship and form a knowledge network. So, the design of archive major’s practice teaching intelligent virtual platform should have intelligent functions, and can indicate clues about the connections between old and new knowledge.

2.2. Theory of educational psychology

In educational psychology perspective, the process of archive teaching can be summarized as stimulate study, promote cognition, shorten the mental distance, complete the knowledge structure, provide innovation opportunity and optimize the comprehensive quality etc. So the practice teaching platform design should stimulate students studying interests, promote the change of study method and adjust the teaching to meet with individual needs. Based on this, the platform should note the individuals’ difference; provide diversified study modes with complete information receiving in pictures and texts, static and dynamic, video and audio ways.

2.3. Dual value theory of archive

The overall teaching objective is cultivating first class talents to serve the society with professional quality and skills and contribute to the development and prosperity of archive cause. So, in the practice teaching, the thought of archive social responsibility (realization of tool value) and archive public service senserealization of information valueshould be taken as concept conditions. The design of professional practice teaching platform should pay attention to the combination of archive tool value and information value, and trough the practice platform, implement the dual value of archive to every tache of the professional teaching. Let the students learn and treat the archive work in proper ways with professional spirit.

3. Problems Need to be Studied in Platform Establishment

We plan to start the specific research of the intelligent virtual platform for practice teaching of archives major from the following five aspects, to promote the combination of archive theory and practice, and improve the students’ executing ability and innovating ability.

3.1. Research on the organizing and constructing of archive resources in different types

Constructing, collecting and managing teaching resources are the foundation of establishing a practice teaching platform. The process of constructing research resources should be students-oriented to optimize the resources structure and fulfill the teaching requirements.

· Collecting and application of archive teaching resources. The archive teaching resources includes not only the information itself, but also includes the teaching resources processing principle and resources organizing environment, and construct the platform with micro-teaching unit base, virtual control resource base, documents presenting method base, information system base and teaching strategy base etc. When collecting resources, pay attention to the teaching contents and properly arrange the relationship between ordinary and important, type and quantity, form and contents. To study how the resources be presented at different times, under different conditions, for different purposes and in different ways, so as to meet with the specific teaching requirements.

· Layer separating and type distinguishing in organizing archive teaching resources. The archive resource construction should be good for the group-dividing teaching and individualized teaching according to differences among students. The design of resources should be available to teachers for application according to teaching goals or be available to students for free choosing. During resource organizing, attention should be paid to scientific layer separating and type distinguishing. This can provide different resource services to students in different foundation level.

3.2. Research on archive management work mechanisms in different industries

Comprehensive social survey should be made according to the teaching contents of archive major, so as to know the needs for people in different types and level to different industries and organizations. Also, comprehensive information about the working procedure, working stages, management techniques and management standards should be collected as the basis for students’ practice operation.

· Research on archive management mechanism. In the atmosphere of modern technology, different agencies’ archive operation differs a lot. Different departments have different goals, with their own characteristics in working methods and working contents. Even the same type of archive departments in the same system, their developments are not the same due to different working ability and different information technology application level. So, comparative studies should be made between all kinds of archive management systems and confluent them into the design of practice teaching platform, let the students experience and evaluate the working efficiency under different archive management system, inspire them for solutions to the worse management systems, and help them form better thinking ability and innovation ability.

· Research on the archive information service mechanism. As the development of information-based society and modern information service industry, archive departments of some agencies and organizations have changed their key point from management to service. The role of the archive management stuff has also changed from archive keeper to information service personnel. So, in the practice teaching, the change of needs for talent people should be observed. By study the archive information service mechanism, to cultivate the students with professional service understanding and service ability, let the students know the work scopes, service methods, service measures of archive information service in different industries and departments, and help students set themselves in mind as the host of the archive management work.

3.3. Research on the design of practice teaching environment based on reorganization process

Environment design is an important part of the practice teaching. A scientific environment design can illuminate new thoughts, and guide the students in exploring the knowledge in text book, understand and grasp the knowledge.

· Research on environment mode. The environment design should develop varied modes like task-drive mode, exchange and cooperative mode, research and trail mode, integrative application mode etc. to meet with the requirement of multi-course practice teaching in archives management major. For example, how to make the basic functions like archive arranging, biographic composing, identifying, collecting and consulting easier to be felt and understood by student? Or when one archive department make arrangements and biographic for some archives, how to work out a proper solution? These are all need a proper environment design to push the interactive between students and the study environment.

· Research on the function of practice teaching platform. Since the platform can imitate part or the whole work procedure of the real world’s archive management work, the intelligent function should be enhanced to support the student in designing, expanding, self researching and developing application tools for archive classification, numbering, catalogue listing, biographic making and searching etc. to imitate works like archive collecting, filing, documenting, binding, editing and identifying etc.

3.4. Research on the practice teaching platform standards for archive major

The practice teaching intelligent virtual platform is an integrative multifunction platform with all kinds of information contents, types, operation systems and functions. When using the platform, the resources allocating, media transforming, control designing, scene changing and procedures organizing should all be connected smoothly according to the practice requirements. To realize this, complete standards are needed to actualize the control to the platform establishing and using.

· Research on the platform standard. When designing the platform, research should be focused in following aspects: First, Whether the teaching objectives are consistent with the students’ objectives in the studying environment? Whether the questions chosen by the teachers are the same questions in the students’ minds? Second, Can the designed practice teaching tasks organize the multi-contents or multi-techniques teaching or not? Third, Can the students self-adjust their study or operation strategy according to their own condition? During the cooperation process, will they accomplish the goal of inspire each other, facilitate each other and improve together? Last, Will the platform design help the students adapt to the complex environment and improve their work quality and efficiency sooner after they complete the study

· Research on practice standard. The students’ practices on the intelligent virtual platform are carried out according to certain working principles, standards and steps. So the object-oriented database technology is need, so as to apply the practice principles to the students operating procedures and realize the intelligent control of making indications and corrections according to the practice condition.

3.5. Research on the effect evaluation and feedback mechanism of practice teaching course in archive management major

The practice teaching platform can use the characteristics of information technology’s advantage in interactive function and the asynchronism and multi-direction interactivity of computer assisted teaching to make real time evaluation and feedback in different stages during the students’ study procedure.

· Research on the effect evaluation of teaching. Based on the application of practice teaching platform, complete evaluation system should be made and scientific evaluation standards should be set up to realize the functions of student self-evaluation and teacher evaluation and evaluate each other between students, so as to real time adjust teaching strategy and complete the course design.

· Research on the feedback mechanism of teaching. A good teaching feedback mechanism can help the students get feedback information out of their behavior and recognize the objective condition and work out solutions for practical problems. This can improve students’ thinking ability. So, effective teaching feedback mechanism should be learned and developed to support the students reflect the contents and process of the study, and make them as independent learner.

4. Key Points in Platform Design

According to the overall teaching objective and teaching content requirements, the following problems should be well settled during the teaching platform construction:

In the platform construction, practice teaching course should be designed as needed according to different requirements of government departments, enterprises and institutions archive management work requirements. To deepen the students professional knowledge foundation, improve their professional skills, and at the same time, cultivate their creative ability. This need a well maintained balance between the research and practice.

The practice teaching environment design should create an environment for the students to explore, test, analysis, conclude and improve. So, diversified tools and varied exchange channel and reaction mechanism is need to accomplish the function of integrate application.

The practice teaching should meet with the requirement of multi-layers in teaching objective, vast range in teaching contents, and multi-subject in teaching receivers. In view of this, thee resources organization of archive should be arranged in chapters, layers and stages and systems according to the course contents. And based on the effective use of resources, establish connections among knowledge points.

Practice teaching platform function’s realization needs the support of relative technologies. Problems like archive teaching resource modeling, archive work practice 3D visualized virtual environment construction and information transfer-based function modules integrating should be well settled down.

5. Constructing Method of Intelligent Virtual Platform for Archive Practice Teaching

The platform construction emphasizes the integrative application of multi-disciplinary, quantitative method and qualitative method. The design constructs research contents and key points, difficulties as follows

Starts form the textbook contents and the practical needs, make overall plan and organization for the resources of archive management course. Use associate analysis method to establish relationship between knowledge points of the course.

Use questionnaire method, interview method, network survey method, mail-survey method and market survey method etc. and combine with spot investigation and paper documents investigation to do extensive archive research.

Make use of information technologydevelop the practice teaching platform system with unified model standard method, software engineering design method, cooperative computing method etc.

Aim at teaching objectives and teaching plans of archive major courses, use target-control method in overall planning to share the resources, information, systems, and modules from different courses.

With teaching feedbacks, use multi-factor layering comparison method to modify and expand the practice teaching platform and fulfill the teaching modes.

6. Conclusion

The construction of intelligent virtual platform for practice teaching in archive management major emphasizes students’ comprehensive ability cultivation. By establishing new type of environment for study, cost for construct specialized practice field can be saved and the training period of all kinds of ability can be shortened. Synchronous social practice can be arranged freely according to the teaching requirements, so as to help the students absorb and grasp the teaching contents. In addition, students can use the intelligent control self-design a single or integrate practice environment or working regulations for one or more courses, test themselves and evaluate the practice effects. This has made well conditions for students realizing study in explore and discover manner, and has big significance on cultivating students’ comprehensive ability.

7. Acknowledgment

This research was supported by the Education Research Found of the Higher Education Institutions of Hubei Province, China (No. 20070189).

8. References

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Proceedings of 2009 International Conference on Atificial Intelligence and Education (ICAIE 2009)

Wuhan, P. R. China, August. 22-23, 2009, pp. 217-221

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